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an attempt to put order in chess

Chess is a strange game. It varies our emotions, brain activity, social life. This dictionary tries to give in depth definitions of terms such as blunder, exchange, dragon, opening, lag, ect. with the pure goal to provide the Chessdom readers with a deeper understanding of chess. If you want to contribute to the dictionary please send us your definitions

Blitz Chess – A variation of chess that makes you 1 year older for each game you play

Blunder – The most usual move in chess games

Bullet Chess – A variation of chess that allows the winner to shoot the loser

Capablanca – A white, long coat used by Cubans

Dragon – Slang for a confuse game of chess, where no player has idea of what’s happening.

En Passant – Well, en passant means ahh, hmmm, err…, hmmm

Exchange – Answer to “How did I end piece down?”

Fianchetto – A chess move that reveals you didn’t know where to place your Bishop

Game History – A record of your games that shows how pathetic you are

Gambit – Excuse for a blunder

GM – You say that in the morning, stands for “good morning”

IM – A typo for “I am”

Internet Chess – Excellent opportunity to make 12 new friends and 8650 enemies that want to eat you alive

Knight – That piece you call “horsy”

Lag – The space of time between your move and the instant your opponent starts insulting you.

Lucky – If you win a game, that’s what your opponent will call you

Opening – First moves of a chess game, also known as “the moments when my loss was designed”

Russian Players – Some guys that will beat you at chess

Fischer Random – How to open with Nimzo Indian?

The Touch-Move rule – if a player attempts to molest their opponent they must immediately move out of the playing area

Sicilian Defense – Involves forcing your opponent to hand over their king via death threat from the Sicilian Mafia

King’s Gambit – Gambits the king. Generally regarded as a poor strategy

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