Chess takes on Soccer

Prominent players of each sport will engage in a soccer and a chess event.


The organizers of M-tel Masters surprise us pleasantly with a promotional event that would connect chess with the most popular sport in Europe – football/soccer. To elaborate, there are to be formed two teams – one will consist of soccer stars of the local football team and current champion Levski Sofia, and the other one will see Sasikiran, Topalov, Adams, Kamsky, Mamedyarov and Nisipeanu. Teams are named “Soccer Utd” and “Chess Utd”, respectively. For the “Soccer United team” we will see the Bulgarian national team player Hristo Iovov, however the coach Stanimir Stoilov (current national team manager) is reluctant to reveal the rest of the lineup.

Chess vs. Soccer is going to be a two part event: For the soccer part, there will be a soccer game on “Georgi Asparuhov” stadium and the winners are awarded prizes from the sponsors: the mobile operator M-tel and insurance company Bulstrad. Thereafter, the second part will take place as a chess match between the captain of “Chess Utd” and Hristo Iovov.

This interesting and exciting event will take on the 15th of May at 12:30. The entrance on the stadium is free. Chessdom will soon put online instructions how to arrive at the stadium.

Levski Stadium

google satellite image